Kelly Cochran
Cell: ask, since some headhunters think they should talk to me about open positions where I'm currently employed
To use my system and network administration and programming skills in a challenging and fulfilling work environment.
Skill set:
Apache, BGP, Brocade, Cisco IOS, C/C++/ObjC, DNS/BIND/PDNS, FreeBSD, HTML, Java, LDAP, Linux, Mac OS X, MySQL, PHP, Perl, SQL, Sendmail, TCP/IP, UNIX, Windows, XML
Hurricane Electric, Fremont, CA
Senior Network Engineer
July 2003 - Current
  • Not looking, this list is just for record keeping.
  • Supported web hosting, colocation, dedicated server and IP transit customers.
  • Monitored and maintained an international 100GE backbone using Brocade/Extreme and Cisco devices.
  • Coordinated and implemented BGP peering arrangements, helping grow the company to be the most peered IPv4 networks, and the largest IPv6 network.
  • Designed and enhanced numerous internal and external websites, monitoring and diagnostic tools, including the company trouble-ticketing system, network monitoring, BGP blackhole management, and
  • Managed over 400 Linux servers, hosting customer and internal websites.
  • Wrote internal and publicly available iOS and Android applications.
  • Coordinated with reporting agencies to track down and resolve network and email abuse issues.
Funschool Corporation, San Jose, CA
Member of Technical Staff
July 1999 - Dec. 2001
  • Administrated, configured and upgraded 20 high-volume FreeBSD 3.x/4.x systems running BIND 4.x/8.x, sendmail 8, Apache, Windows 98/2000 and other standard service daemons.
  • Managed Cisco LocalDirector.
  • Implemented of proactive monitoring systems to inform administration about potential server problems.
  • Implemented online SSL secured membership system using C, PHP and MySQL.
  • Designed and implemented archive downloading for the in-house Java game engine (Kauphy).
  • Setup and managed source code control systems using CVS.
  • Maintained Kauphy codebase and adserving software.
  • Rewrote website backend using PHP and MySQL, significantly reducing the work load on content producers.
  • Designed and implemented the backend for, a resource directory for parents.
  • Designed installation program for a CDROM product using Wise InstallMaster 8.
  • Designed and implemented a complete publishing interface for all Funschool websites.
TGGH, Incorporated (dba, San Jose, CA
System Administrator
Dec. 1995 - Oct. 1998
  • Managed support systems for a client base of 25,000 dialin users.
  • Managed DNS services and mail server responsible for 9,000 users.
  • Administrated and configured Linux and Solaris systems running BIND 4.x/8.x, sendmail 8, Apache, Netscape Enterprise and other standard service daemons.
  • Programming of various internal utilities in C/C++.
CompTIA Linux+, Lapsed CCNP®, MCP (Windows 2000 Professional [210], Windows 2000 Server [215]) [MCP Logo] [Linux+ Logo]