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Rolling Thunder president says the group still plans to have this year's ride be their last in Washington. Trump tweeted differently.
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47-year-old man charged with giving drugs to a 13-year-old girl who later died
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Auburn football announcer dies in car crash
He thought he could jump a bridge in his Chevy Cruze. Now he and his passenger are dead
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He's valedictorian of his high school class. The salutatorian? His identical twin
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Rescued hiker's survival story: 17 days in Hawaii forest on berries, river water and smarts
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Hiker breaks down in tears from hospital bed
'It was unbelievable, dude:' Rescuers describe finding Eller
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Taiwan's first mass gay wedding
Naomi Osaka 'can win 10 grand slams'
Ireland to liberalize divorce laws
2 dead after possible tornado in Oklahoma
Massive boulder blocks Colorado highway
FAA investigating two airports where Chick-fil-A restaurants were excluded
Softball player hospitalized after being hit in face
Central US reels from week of deadly weather
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TurboTax Is Using A 'Military Discount' to Trick Troops Into Paying to File Their Taxes
The First Usable Electric Car Was Invented In Britain In 1884
British Consumers Have Started To Dump Huawei Phones
Microsoft Adds Python To Windows -- Sort Of
Can James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger Revive The 'Terminator' Franchise?
SpaceX's Train of Satellites Creates Temporary 'Mega-Constellation'
CrossFit Storms Off Facebook and Instagram
Is Go Google's Programming Language, Not Ours?
Strict 'Do Not Track' Law Proposed By US Senator
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Communications Update
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