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A career US diplomat told congressional investigators that Trump's personal attorney had sought the visa for Ukraine's controversial former prosecutor, sources say
Diplomat George Kent did not testify on behalf of any side, his lawyer says
GOP lawmaker on quid pro quo: It's serious and troubling
John Kasich calls for Trump's impeachment
What House investigators have learned after two weeks of Ukraine interviews
Fact check: Trump makes 26 false claims at Texas rally
Energy Department says it won't comply with subpoena
Gabbard responds to Clinton: You are the 'personification of rot' in Democratic Party
McConnell slams Trump's move ... but doesn't use his name
Analysis: But what if Republicans can't 'get over it'?
Pompeo feels victimized
2014 photo of Trump and indicted Giuliani associate was at Ivanka Trump fashion show
Internet melts down over Pelosi photo
Future of financial oversight may rest with this Supreme Court case
Cummings' body will lie in state at Capitol
A security guard asked a student to stop calling him the n-word. It cost him his job
American weapons are being turned on the US-backed government in Yemen
A woman who livestreamed crash that killed her sister is out of prison and arrested again
A man missing for a week is found alive inside his wrecked car
Oracle CEO dead at 62
Mysterious move strips elites of penthouse views
Honduran President's brother found guilty of drug trafficking
See female astronauts make history
If you own this phone, remove your screen protector
See runners' touching move for teammate who was nearly killed
We asked a hacker to try to steal a CNN tech reporter's data. Here's what happened
Son of 'El Chapo' captured, then quickly released to save lives, officials say
Star actress shares mammogram video
Lady Gaga plummets backward off stage
Opinion: Just say it: Yes, I'm menstruating
What Felicity Huffman's prison will be like
Get personalized loan options to meet your needs
Meghan Markle, holding back tears, says, 'Not many people have asked if I'm OK'
Prince Harry says every camera flash takes him back to Diana's death
Prince Harry gets emotional during speech
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, gives her first TV news interview
California earthquakes just caused a major fault line to move
The second fall nor'easter in a week could become a bomb cyclone
Tropical storm warnings issued for Gulf Coast
See 15 years of earthquakes in 45 seconds
Here's what was inside a 132-year-old time capsule found in Utah
Scientists freak out over deep sea feast
She is the most beautiful woman in the world, according to 'science'
The week in 30 photos
Sales of tiny Coke cans are soaring. Here's why
World's largest brewer says rival tried to steal its secret Bud Light recipe
Bees are dying. This startup is trying to save them
Microsoft CEO gets a 66% raise
A letter to Kurdish soldiers from a US military wife
Jesse Jackson: Elijah Cummings was a man of dignity and discipline
Pelosi isn't all women, but for a moment she was
Your impeachment questions, answered
'The Righteous Gemstones' skewers pro-Trump evangelicals' real-life hypocrisies
The surgeon general is shirking his job
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8 cards charging 0% interest until 2021
Apple's $7 trillion bet
Protester: 'Either we all live peacefully, or no one does'
Street shootout between 'El Chapo's' son and cops
At least 62 killed in Afghan mosque explosion
Kurds say Turkey is violating hours-old 'ceasefire' in Syria
Swiss banks are charging millionaires to store their money
Johnson & Johnson recalls baby powder
Coasters given out to detect date-rape drugs
An Alabama 3-year-old has been missing nearly a week. Police hope a new video helps lead them to her
One dead after a plane carrying a high school swim team goes off the runway in Alaska
Louvre gets ready for its biggest ever Leonardo exhibition
The story of North Korea's 'Hotel of Doom'
Vivid portraits shine light on Tahiti's 'third gender'
Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
DeepMind AI Beats Humans At Deciphering Damaged Ancient Greek Tablets
MediaLab Buys Kik
Imgur Won't Support Reddit's NSFW Communities Anymore Because They Put Its 'Business At Risk'
Home Builders Ditch Nest After Google Ties Devices To Digital Assistant
Indians Are Using TikTok To Learn English
Boeing Pilot Complained of 'Egregious' Issue With 737 Max in 2016
Lebanon Withdraws Plan To Charge a Fee on WhatsApp Calls as the Country Faces Its Biggest Protests
Facebook Portal Sales Are 'Very Low'
Canonical Releases Ubuntu Linux 19.10 Eoan Ermine with GNOME 3.34, Light Theme, and Raspberry Pi 4 Support
US Astronauts Embark on the First All-Female Spacewalk
Banning Out-of-Hours Email 'Could Harm Employee Wellbeing'
Oracle Co-CEO Mark Hurd Passes Away
Multifactor Authentication Issue Hitting North American Azure, Office 365 Users
Google Hardware Chief Says He Does Not Know Why Pixel 4 Smartphone With Snapdragon 855 Processor Can't Support 4K Video Recording at 60FPS
Facing Unbearable Heat, Qatar Has Begun To Air-Condition the Outdoors
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