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New data may seem to support a recent uptick in Republicans' expectations. But numbers don't always tell the whole story.
Republicans plan their resistance if Democrats take the House
Kudlow pumps the brakes on Trump's new tax cuts
Trump defends referring to himself as a 'nationalist'
US launches cyber operations against Russians meddling in midterms
Trump at Texas rally: 'I'm a nationalist'
Trump feels betrayed by the Saudis
Nevada GOP gubernatorial nominee's family say that he 'is the wrong choice' in op-ed
Trump admits 'there's no proof' of his 'unknown Middle Easterners' caravan claim
Acosta presses Trump on caravan claim
Pompeo: US has identified 'individuals responsible' for journalist's death
The Democrats really really need Stacey Abrams to win
Trump sets off a GOP tax cut scramble
Biden compares Trump to George Wallace
Trump on Khashoggi: Worst cover-up ever
6 children dead, 12 ill in NJ virus outbreak
Trump 'says it's OK,' says man accused of groping passenger on Southwest flight
This mom may have prevented a school shooting
Migrant caravan could be weeks away from the US border
An oil spill you've never heard of could become one of the nation's biggest disasters
20 injured as Rome escalator loses control
Blitzer fact-checks Trump's statements
Opinion: Pray you don't win the lottery
Cruise ship spills thousands of liters of waste in the Great Barrier Reef
Rapper dies in airplane stunt gone wrong
Nicki Minaj sued for copyright infringement
Netflix is canceling these big shows
Rosie O'Donnell announces engagement
iPhone XR review: Apple's secret weapon
Opinion: NFL team is wasting this star's prime years
Derek Jeter selling 11,000-square foot castle
'Headless chicken monster' filmed in ocean
Seattle is a guinea pig for a $15 minimum wage. Here's what research shows
Ellen lands tennis star a date with her crush
Drivers should get familiar with this easy tip
Hurricane Willa could bring misery across the US
See waves crashing off Mexican coast
What's happening in Mexico right now
What you don't know about hurricanes
How are hurricanes named?
Lonely Planet lists best cities to visit in 2019
This university may soon stand empty
The most insane hotel suites
Antique cars with Tesla batteries
Megyn Kelly apologizes for defending blackface Halloween costumes
The first ASL Starbucks opens
Why did NASA launch 450,000 gallons of water?
Boy gets his wish of becoming a Ghostbuster
A new app can help you stop buying bottled water
Company wants to double-shelf life of food
Women's razor startup is taking on the 'Pink Tax'
Deciding to test his DNA changed his career
O'Connor brings quiet activism to facing dementia
Trump's laughable southern border scare
Harvard case should anger Asian-Americans
Michael Cohen, lawyer, rat and now Democrat
David Harbour: Stop being a Demogorgon
Banning plastic straws is like spitting in the wind
Trump's potential rules won't erase LGBTQ
How to pay off your house ASAP (it's so simple)
Transfer your debt and pay no interest until 2020
Billionaire's prediction will give you goosebumps
As she faces dementia, Sandra Day O'Connor is a pioneer again
Farmers helped propel Trump to the White House. Their loyalty is being tested by his trade war.
Living with uncertainty ... and 900 cows
Migrants wake, walk and reject Trump's Twitter attacks
Nintendo Switch is headed to school
Netflix wants to take on another $2 billion in debt
Why Amazon may want a big city for HQ2
Slashdot: News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters
Why the Google Pixel 3 Charges Faster On a Pixel Stand Than Other Wireless Chargers
IBM Open Sources Mac@IBM Code
Apple's Upcoming TV Service To Launch In Over 100 Countries In 2019, Starting With the US
Coinbase Lets You Buy and Sell USDC Stablecoin
Multiple iCloud Services Experiencing Issues
DARPA Wants To Build 'Contextual' AI That Understands the World
Almost 9 in 10 Android Apps Are Able To Share Data With Google, Says Study
Facebook's Ex Security Boss: Asking Big Tech To Police Hate Speech is 'a Dangerous Path'
Apps Installed On Millions Of Android Phones Tracked User Behavior To Execute A Multimillion Dollar Ad Fraud Scheme
Silicon Valley's Dirty Secret: Using a Shadow Workforce of Contract Employees To Drive Profits
World's Longest Sea Bridge Opens After 9 Years of Construction
Amazon's Move Off Oracle Caused Prime Day Outage in One of its Biggest Warehouses, Internal Report Says
Motorola Becomes First Smartphone Company To Sell DIY Repair Kits To Its Customers
Richard Stallman Announces GNU Kind Communication Guidelines
Firefox 63 Arrives With Enhanced Tracking Protection, Search Shortcuts, and Picture-in-Picture on Android
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Communications Update
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