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Shacknews Recent Articles http://www.shacknews.com/rss?recent_articles=1 en-us Tencent Takes Majority Stake In Path of Exile Development Team Grinding Gear Games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105030/tencent-takes-majority-stake-in-path-of-exile-development-team-grinding-gear-games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105030/tencent-takes-majority-stake-in-path-of-exile-development-team-grinding-gear-games <p>Tencent has investments all over the gaming industry and the Chinese holding conglomerate seems to be getting stronger every week. This week, the company has revealed a majority acquisition of Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games for an undisclosed amount.</p> <p><a href="http://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/318459/Tencent_acquires_majority_stake_in_Path_of_Exile_dev_Grinding_Gear.php" target="_blank">Gamasutra</a>&nbsp;reported the news, citing a Q &amp; A that Grinding Gears held in the Path of Exile forums. The dev reassured its fans that it will remain independent despite the deal with <a href="https://www.bloomberg.com/quote/700:HK" target="_blank">Tencent</a>, so expect them to maintain creative control of their huge free-to-play RPG.&nbsp;</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/QWXgJ19t4zU"></iframe></p> <p><span>"We spoke to CEOs of other companies that Tencent has invested in, and have been assured that Tencent has never tried to interfere with game design or operations outside of China," the forum reads. "We retain full control of&nbsp;</span><em>Path of Exile&nbsp;</em><span>and will only make changes that we feel are best for the game."<br /></span></p> <p><span>Grinding Gears had been approached by other suitors, but decided against the previous entities because "they didn't understand Path of Exile" or "had other agendas."&nbsp;</span></p> <p>League of Legends, Clash of Clans, <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/103194/tencent-announces-mobile-esports-arena-of-valor-world-cup" target="_blank">Arena of Valor</a>, <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/74398/epic-lands-tencent-investment" target="_blank">Epic Games</a>, and now Path of Exiles are just a few of the major properties or companies Tencent has invested in. Bluehole, the team behind the massively popular PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, may join the family if&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104756/tencent-may-invest-470-million-to-become-pubg-devs-second-largest-shareholder" target="_blank">Tencent goes through with plans to invest $470 million</a> and become the dev team's second-largest shareholder. The company also recently invested in <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/103012/tencents-investment-in-skydance-includes-virtual-reality-initiatives" target="_blank">Skydance's virtual reality initiatives</a>. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates.</p> Mon, 21 May 2018 11:30:00 PDT Charles Singletary Epic Games To Fuel Fortnite Esports With $100 Million http://www.shacknews.com/article/105029/epic-games-to-fuel-fortnite-esports-with-100-million http://www.shacknews.com/article/105029/epic-games-to-fuel-fortnite-esports-with-100-million <p>The Fortnite devs&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104978/fortnite-devs-test-battle-royale-esports-rules-with-limited-solo-showdown-mode" target="_blank">tested the esports waters with the latest limited Solo Showdown mode for Battle Royale</a> and <g class="gr_ gr_114 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" id="114" data-gr-id="114">is</g> diving in a big way. Today, Epic Games has announced that it will provide $100,000,000 for Fortnite Battle Royale esports tournament prize pools during the first official year of competitive play.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mRnx9CeYP8g"></iframe></p> <p>Not only will Epic get right into the mix with esports, the blog post on the official site suggests a plan to be "more inclusive" and focused on the "joy of playing and watching the game." Exactly what this means isn't known yet, but additional information should be rolled out&nbsp;as the 2018 - 2019 season gets underway.</p> <p>The team plans to reveal competitive structures and eligible&nbsp;platforms in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.</p> Mon, 21 May 2018 10:05:00 PDT Charles Singletary Resident Evil 7 Switch Release In Japan Reveals New Nintendo Cloud Streaming Service http://www.shacknews.com/article/105028/resident-evil-7-switch-release-in-japan-reveals-new-nintendo-cloud-streaming-service http://www.shacknews.com/article/105028/resident-evil-7-switch-release-in-japan-reveals-new-nintendo-cloud-streaming-service <p>Storage space is premium on the hybrid&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104980/alleged-e3-nintendo-direct-leak-reveals-f-zero-sx-punch-out-fortnite-for-switch--more" target="_blank">Nintendo Switch</a> console and the upcoming&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/98695/resident-evil-7-review-welcome-home" target="_blank">Resident Evil 7</a> Switch release could serve as the long-term solution or just as a band-aid until that solution is found. When RE7 goes live on Nintendo Switch on May 24, 2018, it will do so as a cloud version that must be streamed to the device via wifi.</p> <p>As revealed on the <a href="http://www.capcom.co.jp/bh7cloud/" target="_blank">Japanese Capcom site for Resident Evil 7</a>&nbsp;which was spotted by <a href="https://twitter.com/wario64/status/998374344622456832?s=21" target="_blank">Wario64</a>, players will need to download the "BH7 cloud" application from the Nintendo eShop. BH7 stands for&nbsp;<a href="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sklIk3HqMEs" target="_blank">Biohazard 7</a> and will likely be called the "RE7 cloud" app when it&nbsp;eventually arrives in the US eShop. The game is then available for a trial run that lasts fifteen minutes. If the game streams well on your connection, you'll have to get a "purchase ticket" to continue playing. A 180-day ticket is mentioned on the website, but there could be additional options.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/resident-evil-7-nintendo-switch-wireless-stream-streaming-re3.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="230" /></div> <p>The 180-day ticket costs 2,000 yen which comes to $17.99 USD. The&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/101525/switch-is-leading-nintendo-to-its-best-software-sales-performance-since-95" target="_blank">Switch is having incredible success with first-party titles</a> which continues to attract more third-party opportunities. A streaming service like this, if it works well, will open up the platform to even more third-party titles and shorten the time that it takes for a developer to bring a game over to the Switch as well.</p> <p>The full rollout of this new cloud service may coincide with the release of the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104809/nintendo-switch-online-service-annual-pricing-revealed" target="_blank">Switch's online service</a> this September. We'll update when more information is made available. Stay tuned to Shacknews!</p> Mon, 21 May 2018 07:55:00 PDT Charles Singletary Rage 2 Uses Just Cause Series' Engine Instead of idTech http://www.shacknews.com/article/105027/rage-2-uses-just-cause-series-engine-instead-of-idtech http://www.shacknews.com/article/105027/rage-2-uses-just-cause-series-engine-instead-of-idtech <p>id Tech 6, the engine used to build the critically acclaimed <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/98296/game-of-the-year-2016-1-doom" target="_blank">Doom</a>, <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/102008/wolfenstein-2-the-new-colossus-review---the-vulnerable-terror-billy" target="_blank">Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus</a>, and Doom VFR is not going to be used for the upcoming Rage sequel. <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104931/insanity-rules-in-the-rage-2-gameplay-debut" target="_blank">Rage 2</a>, which is a collaborative effort from id software and Avalanche Studios, will be using a version of the Avalanche engine.</p> <p>The news was revealed when Avalanche Studio founder Christofer Sundberg responded to a tweet from a fan:</p> <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"> <p>It&rsquo;s Apex - Avalanche Open-World Engine.</p> &mdash; Christofer Sundberg (@CHSundberg) <a href="https://twitter.com/CHSundberg/status/996465633238937600?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw">May 15, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async="" src="https://platform.twitter.com/widgets.js" charset="utf-8"></script> <p></p> <p>The id Tech 5 engine is what the original Rage was built on and id Tech has historically been used with quality shooters like&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/98247/game-of-the-year-2016-3-dishonored-2" target="_blank">Dishonored 2</a> and <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/86726/the-evil-within-complete-walkthrough" target="_blank">The Evil Within</a>, but Rage was the only that tried to shape the 5th id Tech iteration into an open-world experience.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0rQMytyBFeA"></iframe></p> <p>The Avalanche engine, on the other hand, has an established track record with open-world games. The three&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/92310/just-cause-3-review-explosive-homecoming" target="_blank">Just Cause</a> games and 2015's&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/90819/mad-max-gets-creative-in-new-interactive-trailer" target="_blank">Mad Max</a> were all built on a version of Avalanche and should serve as a versatile platform for Rage 2 when it releases sometime in 2019. Stay tuned to Shacknews for additional updates.</p> Mon, 21 May 2018 07:30:00 PDT Charles Singletary Dreams Hands-on Preview: Media Molecule's Masterpiece in the Making http://www.shacknews.com/article/105025/dreams-hands-on-preview-media-molecules-masterpiece-in-the-making http://www.shacknews.com/article/105025/dreams-hands-on-preview-media-molecules-masterpiece-in-the-making <p><span>Shacknews was invited to check out some of the latest Sony PlayStation 4 games in Los Angeles last week. One of the standout titles shown at the event was Dreams, Media Molecule&rsquo;s next project.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/odfYSiTpXpo" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p><span>Dreams is one of the most ambitious games ever created and it is incredibly difficult to capture exactly what the game is or does in a 30 minute demonstration. The team at Media Molecule has been working for six years on their own proprietary voxel-based engine. Everything in Dreams is made in the game with DualShock4 controllers.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><span>Dreams is a game creation engine. This is bigger in scope than <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/87158/littlebigplanet-3-review-a-different-cloth">Little Big Planet</a>&nbsp;and Nintendo&rsquo;s <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/92590/2015-game-of-the-year-2-super-mario-maker">Super Mario Maker</a>. In Dreams, gamers are able to make whatever they want. Players can capture their own voices and put together a video show within the game, they can make a chain of levels with cutscenes, and they can make their own music. This is truly the tip of the iceberg, which players can also make in the game.</span></p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Dreams-Hands-On-Shacknews-E3-Demo.png" alt="" width="700" height="264" /></div> <p><span>The Dreams demo was a walkthrough of some pre-made levels and games from the team at Media Molecule. Dreams will be four player coop when it launches, but the demo last week was built for two players. The creation controls are extremely intuitive. Players simply move the DualShock4 controllers in the air to act as an onscreen cursor. While the game is very easy to pick up and play, it wasn&rsquo;t long into the demo that the ridiculous depth of the game creation engine became very apparent.&nbsp;</span></p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/zYqSEzKIrw4" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p><span>There are two ways to play Dreams. Dream Surfing allows players to play already created content and Dream Shaping enables players to unlock their creative side to create content. Last week&rsquo;s demo started with a look at Edit Mode. This is similar to the maker mode in Little Big Planet, but there are just so many more options. Players can change the art style of a scene with a push of a button or easily copy and paste an asset. I was able to create a giant cactus in the first level I tried out. Players can easily plop down moving platforms and dictate their 3D motion by simply drawing their path.&nbsp; Within a few minutes, I had made the template level into my very own creation. Next step was to drop in one of the pre-made characters into the level and try it out. It is remarkably easy to jump between playing a level and editing it while Dream Shaping.&nbsp;</span></p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Dreams-Hands-On-Preview-Box-Character-Demo-E3.png" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><span>The next part of the Dreams demo was a look at Dream Surfing. This mode is essentially a Netflix queue of games and levels. Players will be able to search for games that feature cats or any other topic and have a playlist created instantly for them. The playlist that I played was full of games and levels created by the Media Molecule team inside of Dreams. There were a ton of very different experiences. One that stood out was a sidescroller game that tasked players with navigating an adorable box-shaped character through some slopes and jumps before transforming the box twice. The first transformation came from a pencil that appeared on screen and gave our box protagonist some legs. After some more intense platforming with a sweet soundtrack, the 2D level ended and revealed that our box-shaped hero was actually three dimensional all along. There was one more part of the game that controlled more like a traditional 3D platformer before the next game started up.</span></p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Dreams-Hands-On-Preview-Hammer-Game-E3-Demo.png" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><span>Next up was a two player game that featured two hammer characters who were competing with each other. The first level was all about hitting nails faster than your opponent, but it culminated in a really fun level where each player could knock out their opponent by smashing the ground and causing the floor to vanish. It definitely felt similar&nbsp;to some 64-bit multiplayer games of the past, and was very enjoyable.</span></p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Dreams-Hands-On-Shacknews-E3-Demo-Dark.png" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><span>There were several more games in the demo ranging from a character who just wanted a hug and some more scary, horror-driven levels. Dreams is truly what players make of it. I am somewhat concerned that the deep set of tools available for players to create may go over many gamers' heads, but Dream Surfing should help to mitigate those potential issues. The intuitive controls should definitely help folks unleash their creativity, but there are just so many things to do. The game even has its own electronic music sequencer, for the love of Sackboy! </span></p> <p><span>I don't think Dreams will be for everyone at first, but over time if the right people get their hands on Media Molecule's&nbsp;amazing game creation engine, it seems inevitable that gamers will want to play the infinite array of creations via Dream Surfing. I have thought about this game everyday since I played it last week and I can't wait to get some serious time with it. I think the game will be especially fun to stream on <a href="https://www.twitch.tv/shacknews/" target="_blank">Twitch</a>. The demo was just long enough to show off Dreams' true potential, but short enough to leave me wanting more. Media Molecule has created one of the most important and ambitious video game projects of the past decade. They deserve credit for being willing to take their time perfecting what is likely to be one of the most accessible video game engines ever created.</span></p> Mon, 21 May 2018 06:00:00 PDT Asif Khan How to Repair Weapons in State of Decay 2 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105026/how-to-repair-weapons-in-state-of-decay-2 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105026/how-to-repair-weapons-in-state-of-decay-2 <p>Beating zombies to death with fists in State of Decay 2 isn&rsquo;t really the best option, so it&rsquo;s a good idea to keep weapons in good condition, and if they do break, know how to repair them. Fixing a broken melee weapon or firearm is an easy process, though it does require a few materials.</p> <h2>Weapon Durability</h2> <p>Each weapon has its own level of durability that can be checked by highlighting it in the inventory and looking for the &ldquo;Max Durability&rdquo; stat. A weapon with a larger durability bar will obviously last longer than one with a smaller bar.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Weapon-Repair-Cost-Materials-State-of-Decay-2.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>As weapons get used, they will transition from completely functional into slightly damaged and then completely broken. The key to look out for is the color of the weapon: yellow means it is damaged and red means it is completely broken, with orange indicating a weapon that is equipped.</p> <h2>How to Repair Weapons</h2> <p>Fixing a weapon in State of Decay 2 requires two items: a workshop and salvage. A workshop can be built inside or outside, and can be fitted into a small slot. Without a workshop, any weapons that become damaged or break will not be able to be fixed.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Weapon-Repair-Workshop-State-of-Decay-2.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>To fix or repair a broken weapon, take it to the supply locker at the community base and store it in the locker. Once it is in the locker, highlight it to see how many materials are needed in order to repair it, as signified by the screw icon. These screws can be found littered around the world or collected by salvaging unwanted items.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Repair-Weapon-State-of-Decay-2.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>Press the appropriate button to begin the fixing process. A dialog box will appearing stating the amount of materials it will take to repair the weapon as well as the quantity currently in the supply locker. Select the repair option to immediately fix the broken gun or melee weapon.</p> <p>Repairing the weapons used to defeat zombies (and hostile humans) is vital to continued survival in State of Decay 2. Another important factor of living through the undead infection is ensuring that the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104977/how-to-improve-morale-in-state-of-decay-2">community morale stays high</a> and&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104973/how-to-earn-more-influence-points-in-state-of-decay-2">earning influence points</a> to make purchases.</p> Mon, 21 May 2018 01:30:00 PDT Sam Chandler Rainbow Six Siege Details Operation Para Bellum Update http://www.shacknews.com/article/105024/rainbow-six-siege-details-operation-para-bellum-update http://www.shacknews.com/article/105024/rainbow-six-siege-details-operation-para-bellum-update <p>Prior to Sunday's <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105023/team-liquid-wins-rainbow-six-siege-season-7-finals">Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 Grand Finals</a>, Ubisoft took some time to show off more of the upcoming <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104792/operation-para-bellum-deployment-teased-for-rainbow-six-siege">Operation Para Bellum</a> to the Atlantic City crowd. The publisher has teased bits and pieces of the latest Rainbow Six Siege update over the past several weeks, but this served as a first live look at the game's newest map, as well as its latest Operators.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/NWJqUG26Wyk?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>The new Villa map takes operatives to a stately Tuscan chateau owned by the mob. It's calm and serene, which makes it perfect for special forces operatives looking to bust in and wreck the joint.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/DECEIVER_KEYART_1526848072.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="347" style="undefined" /></div> <p>The two new Operators are both of Italian descent. First up is Alibi, who has the ability to project multiple Holograms of herself. This is to confuse the enemy, as the holograms look staggeringly real, but only one is the true Operator. The decoys can be placed and activated anywhere, granted there's space to place them. Shooting at a decoy will expose the player's position for several seconds. The only way to destroy a decoy while remaining undetected is to shoot the base. Be wary if using her, though, because Alibi decoys can only wield a standard SMG and costume. If you're decked out in new gear with a hot new weapon, you'll stick out among the decoys.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/MAESTRO_KEYART_1526848144.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="347" style="undefined" /></div> <p>The second new Operator is Maestro, who comes with a new kind of camera. The Evil Eye remote access camera is bulletproof and can also fire lasers upon any targets within its proximity. Only explosives can dispose of it, though Sledge can also destroy it with his trusty hammer. The Evil Eye can be used by any defender and can see through smoke. Maestro can deploy the laser, which will fire rapidly, but be careful not to overheat it.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://player.twitch.tv/?autoplay=false&amp;t=05h49m39s&amp;video=v263487410" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" scrolling="no"></iframe><a href="https://www.twitch.tv/videos/263487410?t=05h49m39s&amp;tt_content=text_link&amp;tt_medium=vod_embed" style="padding: 2px 0px 4px; display: block; width: 345px; font-weight: normal; font-size: 10px; text-decoration: underline;">Watch Team Liquid vs. Fnatic&ndash; quarterfinal &ndash; Rainbow Six Pro League &ndash; Season 7 Finals from Rainbow6 on www.twitch.tv</a></p> <p>Other major features in Operation Para Bellum include the new Pick &amp; Ban system, which adds a ban phase and the ability to swap Operators. Players can also find adjustments to dropshots, weapon sights, the observation tool, Operator speeds, and some new buffs for Echo.</p> <p>Those playing on the Rainbow Six Siege Test Servers on PC can check out Operation Para Bellum this Tuesday, May 22. Look for Operation Para Bellum to deploy to the rest of the game's user base sometime in June.</p> Sun, 20 May 2018 16:40:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia Team Liquid Wins Rainbow Six Siege Season 7 Finals http://www.shacknews.com/article/105023/team-liquid-wins-rainbow-six-siege-season-7-finals http://www.shacknews.com/article/105023/team-liquid-wins-rainbow-six-siege-season-7-finals <p>The Rainbow Six Pro League traveled out to Atlantic City, NJ this weekend for its Season 7 Finals. The best teams in the game battled it out, with the Grand Finals coming down to just two, but it was the Latin America quintet of Team Liquid that stood triumphant, beating Penta Sports 2-1 to claim the championship.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=UnusualArbitraryEmuHeyGuys&amp;muted=true&amp;autoplay=true&amp;tt_medium=clips_embed" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>The final map came down to Consulate, long considered one of Penta's best maps. But Team Liquid was on a hot streak throughout the day, coming out ahead and never looking back. The Brazilian squad worked like a well-oiled machine in the final round, with each team member systematically taking down every member of Penta, leading to a 5v1. Penta's last hope rode on Fabian Hallsten, but Thiago "xS3xycake" Reis secured the final kill to cement Team Liquid's Season 7 victory.</p> <p>After Penta took an early 1-0 series lead, Liquid looked to have the second map, Border, under control. But the Six Invitational champions and perennial tournament favorites Penta quickly climbed back, forcing a tiebreaker on that map. After a tense early going, Liquid took command of the final round, cornering Niclas "Pengu" Mouritzen and taking him down in a 3v1 scenario.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://clips.twitch.tv/embed?clip=VivaciousDrabRaccoonTheThing&amp;autoplay=false&amp;tt_medium=clips_embed" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Team Liquid played strong throughout the weekend, taking a commanding 2-0 wins over Fnatic and a much closer 2-1 win over Millenium. Those who have followed Rainbow Six esports will recognize this team as the former Black Dragons, one of the top teams in Latin America. They were picked up by Team Liquid back in <a href="https://www.teamliquidpro.com/rainbowsix/" target="blank">January</a>.</p> <p>Penta Sports had quite the road to the Grand Finals, facing a lot of resistance along the way. Six Invitational runner-up Evil Geniuses went into their rematch with Penta fired up and nearly knocked them out in the quarterfinals. Penta fought from behind throughout, ultimately prevailing 2-1. Rogue went into the tournament with heavy momentum, but were unable to eke out the victory, also falling to Penta 2-1.</p> <p>As part of their Season 7 championship victory, Team Liquid takes the top share of the tournament's $275,000 prize pool. A total of $1.4 million in prize money has been given out over the course of the Rainbow Six Pro League's Season 7 competition. Season 8 is set to begin in <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/102934/rainbow-six-pro-league-outlines-esports-plans-through-2020">June</a>.</p> Sun, 20 May 2018 16:15:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia Overwatch Trailer Steps Into the Deathmatch Temple of Petra http://www.shacknews.com/article/105022/overwatch-trailer-steps-into-the-deathmatch-temple-of-petra http://www.shacknews.com/article/105022/overwatch-trailer-steps-into-the-deathmatch-temple-of-petra <p>Earlier this week, Blizzard announced evolving plans for the upcoming Overwatch Anniversary event. This includes a new Deathmatch map called <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104941/overwatch-anniversary-event-includes-petra-deathmatch-map--first-free-for-all-competitive-season">Petra</a>. On Saturday, Blizzard revealed Petra for the first time.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/YSvm-_NxZXA?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Petra takes place along a dilapidated temple outside the desert cliffs. There are some noteworthy landmarks, like the temple interior, an outside tent, and a large health pack along the temple's center.</p> <p>Petra is set to release early next week as part of the Overwatch Anniversary 2018 event, which will include an all-new free-for-all competitive Deathmatch season. The event will run from May 22 through June 11. Those looking to get a first look at this map can do so whether they own Overwatch or not, since Blizzard is offering a <a href="http://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/21779230" target="blank">free weekend</a> on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 from May 25-28.</p> Sat, 19 May 2018 14:55:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia The Cartridge Family 037- E3 Predictions, Leaks and Rumors, Gamer Rage http://www.shacknews.com/article/104993/the-cartridge-family-037--e3-predictions-leaks-and-rumors-gamer-rage http://www.shacknews.com/article/104993/the-cartridge-family-037--e3-predictions-leaks-and-rumors-gamer-rage <p><strong><em>Subscribe to The Cartridge Family</em></strong><em><br /></em><a href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-itunes" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-itunes"><em>Apple Podcasts</em></a><em>| </em><a href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-googleplay" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-googleplay"><em>Google Play</em></a><em>| </em><a href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-stitcher" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-href="http://bit.ly/cartridgefam-stitcher"><em>Stitcher</em></a></p> <p><iframe width="100%" height="185" sandbox="allow-same-origin allow-scripts allow-top-navigation allow-popups" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" src="https://embed.radiopublic.com/e?if=the-cartridge-family-Wk233m&amp;ge=s1!df09e45541c74bbfd58771d5ab9e19aaa63022f4"></iframe></p> <p><a href="http://traffic.libsyn.com/cartridgefam/tcf-037.mp3" target="_blank" rel="noopener" data-href="http://traffic.libsyn.com/cartridgefam/tcf-037.mp3"><strong>Direct Download</strong></a></p> <p>We&rsquo;ve had trouble getting the full fam together lately, but that&rsquo;s because we&rsquo;re all so busy learning about, writing about and travelling for the games we all love so dearly. Today, despite Andrew&rsquo;s absence, the fam got together to celebrate <em>God of War</em>(and our varied feelings on the game), the latest headlines in gaming and some fun E3 2018 predictions. We wrap up our chat by discussing gaming and how it can often (comically) affect our temperament and the temperament of others. It&rsquo;s a fun show, so thank you for listening. Until next week&hellip;</p> Sat, 19 May 2018 03:00:00 PDT Joe Stasio Google Is Developing A Standalone AR Headset Codenamed A65 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105020/google-is-developing-a-standalone-ar-headset-codenamed-a65 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105020/google-is-developing-a-standalone-ar-headset-codenamed-a65 <p>One of the more buzzworthy fields in the tech industry today is <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/topic/augmented-reality">augmented reality</a>. AR found its way into consumer hands early through popular applications like Pokemon Go, but everyday consumers haven't yet gotten a glimpse of what the technology is truly capable of. Microsoft has been doing some cool things with Hololens, however, and it seems Google may be looking to enter the AR arena soon, as reports indicate that the company is currently developing an augmented/mixed reality headset codenamed A65.</p> <p>The initial report from German publication&nbsp;<a href="http://winfuture.de/news,103281.html" target="_blank">WinFuture</a> says the new headset is a wireless design that makes use of special processors from Qualcomm. Google is also reportedly creating the A65 headset through a collaboration with Taiwanese manufacturer Quanta, the company that helped Google build the Pixel C tablet.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/4F0gFpzsYLM" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Details are still pretty slim at the moment, but the A65 headset will apparently be based around the Qualcomm QSC603, a processor in the Snapdragon family that's intended for use in Internet Of Things applications, sporting four cores running at 1.6 and 1.7 GHz. Google allegedly also considered using the QSC605, a chip that could feature up to eight cores at speeds up to 2.5GHz.</p> <p>It's worth noting that no one is exactly sure just what Google might want to accomplish with an AR headset. With that said, augmented reality has already found its way into a number of popular applications, and mixed reality experiences like&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104398/director-alejandro-innaritu-brings-mixed-reality-show-to-washington-dc">Alejandro Innaritu's Flesh and Sand</a> are gaining more fans each day. Considering the growth of the market so far and the seemingly untapped potential of the technology, only time can tell how far augmented reality may go. </p> Fri, 18 May 2018 16:20:00 PDT Kevin Tucker Guns and Weapon List in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105019/guns-and-weapon-list-in-call-of-duty-black-ops-4 http://www.shacknews.com/article/105019/guns-and-weapon-list-in-call-of-duty-black-ops-4 <p>With the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 community reveal presentation out of the way, shooter fans have finally had their first look at what Activision and Treyarch have been cooking up for the latest installment of the FPS series. Black Ops 4 will be taking a few different approaches to the experience: it <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104986/confirmed-no-traditional-single-player-campaign-in-call-of-duty-black-ops-4">won't offer a single-player campaign</a>, but it will offer a number of <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104983/melee-weapons-new-mechanics-introduced-in-overhauled-cod-black-ops-4-zombie-mode">different zombies play modes</a>. The game will also offer a traditional multiplayer component, albeit with a few tweaks like specialists thrown into the mix. Of course, through it all, the game will ultimately offer players the chance to use a number of different guns and weapons otherwise, and Shacknews has gotten an early look at the types of firearms players can expect to wield.</p> <hr /> <h2>Black Ops 4 Primary Weapons List</h2> <p>The list of primary weapons in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 offers up the usual blend of rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles in a couple of different styles. Players will also note several high-power tactical rifles made the list, and a selection of sidearms and special weapons can be found below.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/assault-rifle-rampart-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><strong>Assault Rifles:</strong><br />&bull; The <strong>ICR-7</strong> rifle provides a balance of damage and range, with a decent rate of fire and exceptional accuracy.<br />&bull; The <strong>Rampart 17</strong> trades range, accuracy, and rate of fire in the name of dealing a significant amount more damage than the other assault rifles. <br />&bull; The <strong>VAPR-XKG</strong> is the lightweight option, offering super mobility while still keeping close to the damage and fire rate offered by the ICR-7.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/smg-cordite-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><strong>Submachine Guns:</strong><br />&bull; The <strong>MX9</strong> provides the a good balance of damage, range, rate of fire, and accuracy, with decently balanced recoil.<br />&bull; The <strong>Cordite</strong> pumps out increased damage and range when compared to the SAUG, but has a slower rate of fire. The tradeoff is that the Cordite has the highest ammo capacity of the three. <br />&bull; The <strong>SAUG 9mm</strong> offers reduced damage and range in exchange an exceptionally high rate of fire. It's the lightest and most maneuverable SMG in the game.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/tactical-rifle-swordfish-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><strong>Tactical Rifles:</strong><br />&bull; The <strong>Auger DMR</strong> is the standard Black Ops 4 tactical rifle, dealing impressive damage but offering a slow rate of fire. <br />&bull; The <strong>Swordfish</strong> is a four-round burst weapon that deals less damage than the Auger, but provides substantially higher accuracy rating and rate of fire.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/lmg-titan-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><strong>Light Machine Guns:</strong><br />&bull; The <strong>Titan</strong> appears to be the sole light machine gun in Black Ops 4, providing a tremendous ammo pool and devastating damage across a considerable range.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/sniper-bolt-action-koshka-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p><strong>Sniper Rifles:</strong><br />&bull; The <strong>Paladin HB50</strong> packs a punch with its .50 caliber barrel offering huge damage at long range.<br />&bull; The<strong> Koshka</strong> is a more lightweight sniper rifle, offering a little less damage than the Paladin but a higher range, accuracy rating, and rate of fire.</p> <hr /> <h2>Secondary and Special Weapons in Black Ops 4</h2> <p>It's not all machine guns and bolt action rifles. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 features a number of different sidearms and special weapons to suit players with any sort of power requirement. Here's a look at the different secondary weapons we've seen so far.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/strife-pistol-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>The <strong>Strife</strong> pistol is the standard Black Ops 4 sidearm, a traditional semi-automatic that strikes a nice balance between damage, range, and accuracy.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/mog-12-shotgun-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>The <strong>MOG 12</strong> pump-action shotgun has enough power to stop enemies in their tracks, but players have to keep its short range buckshot ammunition and low accuracy in mind.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/hellion-salvo-rocket-launcher-black-ops-4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>The <strong>Hellion Salvo</strong> rocket launcher is the game changer, offering devastating damage across a long distance with incredible accuracy.</p> <hr /> <p>Jonesing to learn more about the latest Black Ops experience? Be sure to check out Shacknew's own <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105000/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-hands-on-preview-back-to-basics">Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 hands-on preview</a>, plus have a gander at our guides to all of the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104995/specialist-classes-and-abilities-in-call-of-duty-black-ops-4">new specialist classes and abilities</a> that players will come across in the standard multiplayer component of the upcoming game.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 14:50:00 PDT Kevin Tucker Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: Exclusive Domination Gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105017/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-exclusive-domination-gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105017/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-exclusive-domination-gameplay <p>Activision and Treyarch held a&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104962/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-live-stream-reveal-time-and-date" target="_blank">Black Ops 4 preview event in Los Angeles</a> yesterday to present the world premiere look at the newest Call of Duty game. The event covered everything you&rsquo;d want to know about Black Ops 4 and its new additions. Along with the reveal came some pretty big news, including the bombshell that Black Ops 4 would&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104986/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-devs-confirm-no-single-player-campaign" target="_blank">not include a single player campaign</a> and that the PC version would be <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104996/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-dumps-steam-joins-overwatch-on-battlenet" target="_blank">saying farewell to Steam and hello to Blizzard&rsquo;s Battle.net service</a>.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SUZtswJUvlk" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Shacknews had their crack team of top journalists on the ground at the show capturing footage and getting an up-close look at the new Call of Duty. The video posted above gives you a long look at a round of Domination and shows off some of the&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104982/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-introduces-hero-shooter-style-specialists-for-pvp" target="_blank">new specialist classes</a> and the <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105011/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-all-guns-and-attachments" target="_blank">fresh assortment of guns</a>.</p> <p>Shacknews editor (and world-class break dancer) Ozzie Mejia was able to collect his thoughts on Treyarch&rsquo;s upcoming shooter and deliver an&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105000/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-hands-on-preview-back-to-basics" target="_blank">in-depth preview of what to expect from Black Ops 4</a> when it arrives on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 12.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:45:00 PDT Chris Jarrard Will Detroit: Become Human Release on Xbox One? http://www.shacknews.com/article/105016/will-detroit-become-human-release-on-xbox-one http://www.shacknews.com/article/105016/will-detroit-become-human-release-on-xbox-one <p>Game fans have plenty of reasons to get excited about Detroit: Become Human. Developer&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/topic/quantic-dream">Quantic Dream</a> has established quite a big name for itself with the releases of Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls, and the studio's latest adventure ups the ante with a neo-noir, techno-thriller vibe that looks packed to the brim with action and drama. The previous releases from Quantic Dream might have slipped by players who didn't own a PlayStation 3 at the time, leaving many current-generation gamers to wonder whether or not Detroit: Become Human will come to Xbox One or other competing platforms. It just so happens that we know the answer.</p> <h2>Will Detroit: Become Human Release for Xbox One or PC?</h2> <p>No, it is very unlikely that Detroit: Become Human will release for Xbox One, PC, or any other non-Sony platform. This is because Quantic Dream is a second-party French independent video game development studio with deep ties to Sony. The two have been part of an exclusivity agreement for years, with both Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls launching as PlayStation exclusives. More than that, a few months before Beyond: Two Souls made its initial debut, Quantic Dream CEO Gillaume de Fondaumiere spoke about the business partnership, telling&nbsp;<a href="https://www.gamesradar.com/quantic-dream-hiring-multiplayer-programmer/" target="_blank">Official PlayStation Magazine</a> (via <a href="https://www.neogaf.com/threads/quantic-dream-has-no-interest-in-ending-sony-exclusivity.527967/" target="_blank">NeoGAF</a>) that "as long as we can create the games we want to create, we'll stay with Sony."</p> <p>"We're certainly not going to change partner for the sake of making more money; that's not the philosophy behind our studio," he said. "Ever since we started our partnership, Sony just said it was going to give us the money to build these games and we said we were going to work as hard as we could and reward it for its trust.&rdquo;</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/sAmKdZdfV1c" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Hearing those words, and knowing that Quantic Dream and Sony have been exclusive together for the better part of a decade, it would be very surprising to learn that Detroit: Become Human would release for anything other than a PlayStation console. Sorry Xbox fans, PC players, and Switch enthusiasts &mdash; it's just not going to happen.</p> <p>Knowing is half the battle, they say, so continue the search for details surrounding Quantic Dream's latest adventure by heading over to Shacknews' own <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/topic/detroit">Detroit: Become Human homepage</a>, and stay on the lookout for future guides, news, and more in the coming weeks.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:40:00 PDT Kevin Tucker Coins 2 Continue Episode 37 | Introducing Future Kids To Games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105015/coins-2-continue-episode-37--introducing-future-kids-to-games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105015/coins-2-continue-episode-37--introducing-future-kids-to-games <h2>Episode 37 Show Notes</h2> <p>A new week and new episode <g class="gr_ gr_29 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" id="29" data-gr-id="29">is</g> upon us. There are a lot of things that happened this week that we'll have to wait to address next week, but that doesn't mean we don't have a full show ahead.</p> <p>Katie and Charles discuss introducing their kids to games, talking about Kingdom Hearts 3 and FFVII remake hype, and a whole lot more.&nbsp;</p> <h2>Episode 37 Timestamps</h2> <ul> <li>00:03:25 - What are we playing?</li> <li>00:07:54 - Introducing our future kids to video games</li> <li>00:17:41 - Community Questions! First: Can VR Win E3 Game of Show?</li> <li>00:25:15 - Nintendo Switch vs Virtual Console :(</li> <li>00:28:58 - Will FFVII Remake &amp; Kingdom Hearts 3 live up to the hype?</li> <li>00:35:37 - Tease of <g class="gr_ gr_31 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" id="31" data-gr-id="31">future</g> RPG focused episode of #Coins2</li> <li>00:38:36 - What are some tips for aspiring Twitch streamers when attempting to attract subs?</li> </ul> <p><iframe width="100%" height="166" scrolling="no" frameborder="no" allow="autoplay" src="https://w.soundcloud.com/player/?url=https%3A//api.soundcloud.com/tracks/445982961&amp;color=%23337a03&amp;auto_play=false&amp;hide_related=true&amp;show_comments=true&amp;show_user=true&amp;show_reposts=false&amp;show_teaser=false"></iframe></p> <p>We love to engage with our community so you can dive into&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/chatty" target="_blank">Chatty</a>&nbsp;or @ our handle on Twitter:&nbsp;<a href="https://twitter.com/Coins2Continue" target="_blank">@Coins2Continue</a>&nbsp;(be sure to follow too!). If you enjoy live-tweeting podcasts, feel free to use our official #Coins2 hashtag and we&rsquo;ll be sure to share your tweets! You can use that both methods to ask us questions for the Community Questions segment as well.</p> <p>You can listen/subscribe to the Coins 2 Continue podcast on the following platforms in addition to&nbsp;<a href="https://soundcloud.com/coins2continue" target="_blank">Soundcloud</a>:</p> <ul> <li><a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-coins-2-continue-podcast/id1349018901" target="_blank">iTunes</a></li> <li><a href="https://play.google.com/music/listen?u=0#/ps/I32u4mgqgglmtfd7pvspkbprknu" target="_blank">Google Play</a></li> <li><a href="https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/coins-2-continue?refid=stpr" target="_blank">Stitcher</a></li> <li><a href="https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/nn4v7-65baf/The-Coins-2-Continue-Podcast" target="_blank">Podbean</a></li> <li><a href="https://play.radiopublic.com/coins-2-continue-GEzVw1" target="_blank">Radio Public</a></li> </ul> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:30:00 PDT Charles Singletary Weekend Console Download Deals for May 18: Free Rainbow Six Siege Weekend http://www.shacknews.com/article/105013/weekend-console-download-deals-for-may-18-free-rainbow-six-siege-weekend http://www.shacknews.com/article/105013/weekend-console-download-deals-for-may-18-free-rainbow-six-siege-weekend <p>Earlier today, Shacknews got into some of the <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104969/this-weekend-in-esports-what-to-watch-from-may-18-20">esports worth checking out this weekend</a>. One of the bigger competitions this weekend is the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 Finals from Atlantic City. With Ubisoft celebrating such a big event and with the publisher on the verge of revealing more details about <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104792/operation-para-bellum-deployment-teased-for-rainbow-six-siege">Operation Para Bellum</a>, it's a good time for everyone to see what the fuss is about with this game. That's especially true because there's a <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104937/new-operator-alibi-teased-ahead-of-rainbow-six-siege-free-weekend">free weekend</a> going down right now on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.</p> <p>In terms of sales, PlayStation 4 owners can check out the latest Flash Sale, where a handful of upper-tier third-party and indie PS4 games are on sale. Xbox One owners can take a look at the best games from Warner Bros., including Middle-earth: Shadow of War. And Nintendo Switch owners can get a look at the best of Ubisoft's offerings on that console.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/MGSV_4.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /> <p class="caption">Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain</p> </div> <p>Lastly, Xbox One owners will be happy to hear that Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has rotated into the Games with Gold list. Be sure to pick that one up for free.</p> <p>Here's our selection of this weekend's console deals:</p> <h3>Xbox One</h3> <p>The following games are a part of Xbox One Games with Gold/Deals with Gold. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to receive these discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/METAL-GEAR-SOLID-V-THE-PHANTOM-PAIN/C253HWJP0L18">FREE!</a></li> <li>Super Mega Baseball 2 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/Super-Mega-Baseball-2/C3PXRMHMW3ZF">FREE!</a></li> <li>The BioWare Bundle (Mass Effect Andromeda + Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY Edition) - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/The-BioWare-Bundle/C3HH84MVXD11?rtc=1">$19.80 (67% off)</a></li> <li>WWE 2K18 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/WWE-2K18/BQ5BD1F5VZHB?rtc=1">$30.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/Devil-May-Cry-4-Special-Edition/BPZT3CQCCWKG?rtc=1">$12.50 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Kerbal Space Program Enhanced Edition - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/Kerbal-Space-Program-Enhanced-Edition/BRBD7BDK271P?rtc=1">$27.99 (30% off)</a></li> <li>There are more Xbox One games on sale in this week's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/deals-with-gold?xr=shellnav">Deals with Gold</a>.</li> </ul> <p>The following deals are available to all Xbox One users. Xbox Live Gold members may be eligible for additional discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Middle-earth: Shadow of War - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/middle-earth-shadow-of-war/9pdv8fkwp3b4">$24.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Batman: Arkham Knight - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/Batman-Arkham-Knight/BSLX1RNXR6H7">$10.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Injustice 2 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/injustice-2/bpkvh4c4xv4n">$23.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/lego-marvel-super-heroes-2/c0g91v37489h">$30.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Find more Warner Bros. Interactive games on sale right now in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.xbox.com/en-US/promotions/sales/warner-bros-publisher-sale">Xbox One Warner Bros. Publisher Sale</a>.</li> <li>Cuphead - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/cuphead/9njrx71m5x9p">$16.99 (15% off)</a></li> <li>ARK: Survival Evolved - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/ark-survival-evolved/bnblc4zgfnkb">$35.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Friday the 13th: The Game - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/friday-the-13th-the-game/c0723xb6xjsx">$13.20 (67% off)</a></li> <li>Killing Floor 2 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/store/p/killing-floor-2/bsb132zqvwzm">$20.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Find more indie gaming deals right now in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.xbox.com/en-US/promotions/sales/game-fest-sale">ID@XBOX Game Fest Sale</a>.</li> <li>Fallout 4 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/fallout-4/C3KLDKZBHNCZ">$15.00 (50% off)</a> (FREE WEEKEND until Sunday 5/20; All DLC also on sale)</li> <li>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/rainbow-six-siege-xbox-one---digital/C12T09DSVP8J">$25.00 (50% off)</a> (FREE WEEKEND until Sunday 5/20; Advanced, Gold, and Complete Editions also on sale)</li> <li>Forza Motorsport 7 - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/en-US/store/p/forza-motorsport-7/9N3NK5WW05HT">$30.00 (50% off)</a> (Deluxe and Ultimate Editions also on sale)</li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/1xvyVnkcgtE?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>PlayStation 4</h3> <p>The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Dragon Age Inquisition GOTY Edition - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0006-CUSA00220_00-DA3GAMEOFTHEYEAR?emcid=ps-ga-871">$9.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Firewatch - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0146-CUSA04107_00-FIREWATCH0000000?emcid=ps-ga-871">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0006-CUSA04027_00-ULTIMA0000000000?emcid=ps-ga-871">$5.99 (85% off)</a></li> <li>NBA 2K18 - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1001-CUSA08500_00-NBA2K18000000000?emcid=ps-ga-871">$19.79 (67% off)</a></li> <li>LocoRoco 2 Remastered - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA06091_00-UCUS987310000001?emcid=ps-ga-871">$7.49 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP1024-CUSA07594_00-GGXRDREV2US00100?emcid=ps-ga-871">$15.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0082-CUSA01799_00-DXMANKINDIVIDED0?emcid=ps-ga-871">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Journey Collector's Edition - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA03306_00-JOURNEYCE000SCEA?emcid=ps-ga-871">$9.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games featured in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-FLASHSALE18LP/1?emcid=ps-ga-871">PlayStation 4 Flash Sale</a>.</li> <li>Agents of Mayhem - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2047-CUSA03132_00-AGENTSOFMAYHEMDS?emcid=ps-ga-871">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Sine Mora EX - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4389-CUSA08149_00-SINEMORA0DE0US00?emcid=ps-ga-871">$5.99 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Titan Quest - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4389-CUSA08539_00-TITANQUEST000000?emcid=ps-ga-871">$23.99 (20% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games featured in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-PUBPARTYGG/1?direction=desc&amp;emcid=ps-ga-871&amp;platform=ps4&amp;sort=release_date">PlayStation 4 Pub Party Sale</a>.</li> <li>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege Advanced Edition - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0001-CUSA01800_00-R6SIEGEADVANCED3?emcid=ps-ga-871">$35.99 (40% off)</a> (FREE WEEKEND until Sunday 5/20; Base game, Gold Edition, and Complete Edition also on sale.)</li> </ul> <p>The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.</p> <ul> <li>BEYOND Two Souls - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-CUSA00495_00-GBEYONDTWO000001?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>Rayman Legends - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0001-CUSA00069_00-RAYMANLEGENDS001?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>King Oddball - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4403-CUSA00461_00-KINGODDBALLPS4US?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>Trailblazers - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4034-CUSA10669_00-TRAILBLAZERSUS00?emcid=ps-ga-871">$23.99 (20% off)</a></li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/PC55P7gQ6W8" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>Nintendo Switch</h3> <ul> <li>Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/5rFGrNSeiLOGUCYtOdC3SRCYXHmNDeiJ">$40.19 (33% off)</a></li> <li>Just Dance 2018 - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/hECOytnzEX63ThFOgWO3_zMRSOZ3kSWd">$34.79 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Rayman Legends Definitive Edition - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/F1T99HNO9mUTE2zhCvNVR-izKW-Ai4TC">$24.79 (40% off)</a></li> <li>UNO for Nintendo Switch - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/GuvgaJKDFh4oQMEEALrRr_k4XA6hhO7u">$6.99 (30% off)</a></li> <li>Monopoly for Nintendo Switch - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/Mq-oU43KrF0GjWhnBbFsxsZBgIIN_8Pe">$19.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/wonder-boy-the-dragons-trap-switch">$9.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Brawlout - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/oGNbArUlzUTlvUIQpldB5MJKYDvaClRw">$13.99 (30% off)</a></li> <li>Battle Chef Brigade - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/pJ_I9itI66Wb-J7irgrAGKtOQJm3ZwYP">$13.99 (30% off)</a></li> </ul> <h2>Nintendo Wii U</h2> <ul> <li>Tumblestone - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/YJezcLeLPlBRlbJthp_wFioMoqPOikPA">$8.24 (67% off)</a></li> </ul> <h3>Xbox 360</h3> <p>The following games are a part of Xbox 360 Games with Gold/Deals with Gold. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is required to receive these discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Vanquish - <a href="https://www.microsoft.com/store/p/VANQUISH/BWNQ4QZFV74P">FREE!</a></li> <li>BioShock Infinite - <a href="http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/BioShock-Infinite/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025454085d">$8.99 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Devil May Cry HD Collection - <a href="https://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/DMC-HD-Collection/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8024343081e">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition - <a href="http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/The-Witcher-2-Assassins-of-Kings/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80257520824">$2.99 (85% off)</a></li> <li>There are more Xbox 360 games on sale in this week's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.xbox.com/en-US/live/deals-with-gold?xr=shellnav">Deals with Gold</a>.</li> </ul> <p>The following deals are available to all Xbox 360 users. Xbox Live Gold users may be eligible for additional discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Come back next week for more Xbox 360 deals.</li> </ul> <h3>PlayStation 3</h3> <p>The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Toybox Turbos - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4001-NPUB31560_00-TBTLIC000000ESRB?emcid=ps-ga-871">$3.74 (75% off)</a></li> <li>GRID Autosport - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4001-NPUB31527_00-000GRIDAUTOSPORT?emcid=ps-ga-871">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>GRID 2 Reloaded - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4001-NPUB50099_00-B000000000000255?emcid=ps-ga-871">$9.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games featured in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/grid/STORE-MSF77008-PUBPARTYGG/1?direction=desc&amp;emcid=ps-ga-871&amp;platform=ps3&amp;sort=release_date">PlayStation 3 Pub Party Sale</a>.</li> </ul> <p>The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.</p> <ul> <li>Risen 3: Titan Lords - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP2047-NPUB31495_00-RISEN3TLGAMEHHD1?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>King Oddball - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4403-NPUB31651_00-ODDBALLUNLOCK000?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>Eat Them! - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP9000-NPUA80488_00-EATTHEMFULL00001?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> </ul> <h3>Nintendo 3DS</h3> <ul> <li>Cooking Mama: Sweet Shop - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/VnxBUem4YR_lUo_61g5Z-HAmfIYBktfq">$14.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Goosebumps: The Game - <a href="https://www.nintendo.com/games/detail/WYXNiGBhLJQ9BOVATVzgWBjRnz-xByTg">$7.49 (50% off)</a></li> </ul> <h3>PlayStation Vita</h3> <p>The following deals are available to all users. PlayStation Plus members may be eligible for additional discounts.</p> <ul> <li>Undertale - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP3893-PCSE01116_00-TFSHVCUTPSV00084?emcid=ps-ga-871">$11.99 (20% off)</a></li> <li>Citizens of Earth - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP0005-PCSE00468_00-CITIZENSEARTHVIT?emcid=ps-ga-871">$5.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Teslagrad - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4513-PCSE00814_00-TESLAGRAD0000001?emcid=ps-ga-871">$2.99 (80% off)</a></li> </ul> <p>The following deals are available only to PlayStation Plus members.</p> <ul> <li>King Oddball - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4403-PCSE00315_00-KINGODDBALLENUS1?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> <li>Furmins Full Game + Bonus World - <a href="https://store.playstation.com/en-us/product/UP4101-PCSE00111_00-B000000000000235?emcid=ps-ga-871">FREE! for PlayStation Plus</a></li> </ul> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:30:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia Happy Hour: H1Z1 On PS4 Pro http://www.shacknews.com/article/105014/happy-hour-h1z1-on-ps4-pro http://www.shacknews.com/article/105014/happy-hour-h1z1-on-ps4-pro <p><span>Welcome to Happy Hour, our new Twitch gaming talk show. The show normally airs on&nbsp;Mondays and can be viewed in a VOD after we go offline. This week, we're doubling up because a lot has gone down! The gang chats about Black Ops 4 and Kingdom Hearts 3 while playing H1Z1. Join the Shacknews TeamSpeak server if you'd like to get in on the action. We are going live at 5 PM ET on the&nbsp;</span><a href="https://www.twitch.tv/shacknews/" target="_blank">Shacknews Twitch channel</a><span>. Check it out!</span></p> <p><iframe width="620" height="378" src="https://player.twitch.tv/?channel=shacknews" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen" scrolling="no"></iframe><a href="https://www.twitch.tv/shacknews?tt_content=text_link&amp;tt_medium=live_embed" style="padding: 2px 0px 4px; display: block; width: 345px; font-weight: normal; font-size: 10px; text-decoration: underline;">Watch live video from Shacknews on www.twitch.tv</a></p> <p>While you wait, read the full&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104999/kingdom-hearts-3-hands-on-preview-digging-through-the-old-toy-chest" target="_blank">Kingdom Hearts 3 preview from Ozzie</a> and check out the <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104982/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-introduces-hero-shooter-style-specialists-for-pvp" target="_blank">debut of multiplayer gameplay for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4</a>.</p> <p></p> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:15:00 PDT Charles Singletary Weekend PC Download Deals for May 18: PDXCON 2018 Weekend Sales http://www.shacknews.com/article/105012/weekend-pc-download-deals-for-may-18-pdxcon-2018-weekend-sales http://www.shacknews.com/article/105012/weekend-pc-download-deals-for-may-18-pdxcon-2018-weekend-sales <p>Last week, we discussed the big-time sales going on at Green Man Gaming and the Humble Store. Fortunately for those who might have slept on these sales, they're not only still going on, but appear to have expanded. There are even more games on sale, while GMG is even offering up multiple coupon codes.</p> <p>But one thing every retailer appears to have in common this weekend is that everyone is celebrating PDXCON. This is the annual gathering of the Paradox Interactive fanbase in Stockholm, celebrating all of the games released by this fine publisher. That includes Cities: Skylines, Stellaris, Crusader Kings, and more. Be sure to visit&nbsp;Steam and a handful of other retailers, who are are offering up Paradox's best games at low prices.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/R6S-Preview2015_ClusterCharge_4k_FINAL.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /> <p class="caption">Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege</p> </div> <p>On top of all of that, don't forget that the Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 Finals are this weekend, meaning not only is Rainbow Six Siege on sale, but there's also a <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104937/new-operator-alibi-teased-ahead-of-rainbow-six-siege-free-weekend">free weekend</a> going on, both on the Ubisoft Store and Steam.</p> <p>Here's our selection of this weekend's PC deals:</p> <h3>Amazon</h3> <ul> <li>Come back next week for more deals from Amazon.</li> </ul> <h3>Direct2Drive</h3> <ul> <li>Injustice 2: Legendary Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.direct2drive.com/#!/download-injustice-2--legendary-edition/5013316">$41.99 (30% off)</a></li> <li>Batman: Arkham VR [Steam] - <a href="https://www.direct2drive.com/#!/download-batman-arkham-vr/5012680">$9.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Batman: Arkham Knight [Steam] - <a href="https://www.direct2drive.com/#!/download-batman-arkham-knight/5010746">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games, including other Batman games, during Direct2Drive's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.direct2drive.com/#!/promotion/765">Superhero Sale</a>.</li> <li>The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.direct2drive.com/#!/download-the-elder-scrolls-v-skyrim-special-edition/5011631">$29.99 (25% off)</a></li> </ul> <h3>Fanatical</h3> <p>Use the code <b>MAY10</b> to save an additional 10% off of your purchase. Restrictions apply.</p> <p><a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/fear-bundle">Pay $4.99</a> for F.E.A.R. (w/all DLC), F.E.A.R. 2: Project Origin, F.E.A.R. 2: Reborn DLC, and F.E.A.R. 3. These activate on Steam.</p> <p>Or <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/batman-arkham-knight-bundle">pay $13.59</a> for Batman: Arkham Knight and all of its DLC. These activate on Steam.</p> <ul> <li>Injustice 2 Legendary Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/injustice-2-legendary-edition">$35.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Middle-earth: Shadow of War [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/middle-earth-shadow-of-war">$35.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/lego-marvel-super-heroes-2-game">$9.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>LEGO Worlds [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/lego-worlds">$14.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games, including other LEGO games, during Fanatical's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/publishers/warner-bros.-interactive-entertainment">Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Publisher Sale</a>.</li> <li>Stellaris [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/stellaris">$14.79 (63% off)</a></li> <li>Pillars of Eternity [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/pillars-of-eternity-hero-edition">$11.09 (63% off)</a></li> <li>Magicka 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/magicka-2">$3.74 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Knights of Pen &amp; Paper II [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/knights-of-pen-and-paper-2">$1.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Find more games, including the Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron series, during Fanatical's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/publishers/paradox-interactive">Paradox Interactive Sale</a>.</li> <li>Osiris: New Dawn [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/osiris-new-dawn">$11.25 (55% off)</a></li> <li>Total War: Warhammer II [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/total-war-warhammer-ii">$41.99 (30% off)</a></li> <li>Yooka-Laylee [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/yooka-laylee">$13.59 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Overcooked [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/overcooked">$5.77 (66% off)</a></li> <li>The Escapists 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/the-escapists-2">$15.99 (20% off)</a></li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/jpPqj58JRvk?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>GamersGate</h3> <ul> <li>Dying Light Enhanced Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.gamersgate.com/DD-DYING-LIGHT-ENHANCED-EDITION/dying-light-enhanced-edition">$24.00 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Human: Fall Flat [Steam] - <a href="https://www.gamersgate.com/DD-HUMAN-FALL-FLAT-GN/human-fal-flat">$6.00 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Starpoint Gemini 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.gamersgate.com/DD-SPG2/starpoint-gemini-2">$5.25 (85% off)</a></li> <li>The Flame in the Flood [Steam] - <a href="https://www.gamersgate.com/DD-THE-FLAME-IN-THE-FLOOD-GN/the-flame-in-the-flod">$7.50 (50% off)</a></li> </ul> <h3>GOG.com</h3> <ul> <li>Pillars of Eternity: Hero Edition - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/pillars_of_eternity_hero_edition">$17.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Tyranny: Commander Edition - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/tyranny_commander_edition">$15.29 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Age of Wonders 3 - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/age_of_wonders_3">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Find more Paradox Interactive games, like the Hearts of Iron and Europa Universalis series, during the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.gog.com/partner/pdxcon_2018">GOG.com PDXCON 2018 Sale</a>.</li> <li>S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/stalker_call_of_pripyat">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/stalker_clear_sky">$2.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl - <a href="https://www.gog.com/game/stalker_shadow_of_chernobyl">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/hei5V9jGGrc?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>Green Man Gaming</h3> <p>There are several publisher exclusive coupon codes, including <b>BETH20</b> for 20% off of Bethesda games, <b>SE25</b> for 25% off of Square Enix games, <b>2K20</b> for 20% off of 2K Games, <b>UBI15</b> for 15% off of Ubisoft games, and <b>OUTNOW25</b> for 25% off a handful of other games. Visit Green Man gaming for the full list. Restrictions apply.</p> <ul> <li>Fallout 4 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/fallout-4/">$15.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Prey [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/prey/">$20.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/wolfenstein-the-new-colossus/">$30.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Rage [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/rage/">$3.40 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Celebrate Green Man Gaming's birthday by checking out the rest of the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/spring-sale/">Bethesda Games</a> currently on sale.</li> <li>Deus Ex GOTY Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/deus-ex-game-of-the-year-edition/">$1.75 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Supreme Commander 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/supreme-commander-2/">$2.00 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Hitman GO Definitive Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/hitman-go-definitive-edition/">$2.00 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Celebrate Green Man Gaming's birthday by checking out the rest of the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/birthday-sale/square-enix/">Square Enix games</a> currently on sale.</li> <li>BioShock: The Collection [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/bioshock-the-collection/">$19.80 (67% off)</a></li> <li>Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/borderlands-the-pre-sequel/">$12.00 (70% off)</a></li> <li>NBA 2K18 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/nba-2k18/">$30.00 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Celebrate Green Man Gaming's birthday by checking out the rest of the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/birthday-sale/2k/">2K Games</a> currently on sale.</li> <li>Assassin's Creed Origins [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/assassins-creed-origins/">$35.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/tom-clancys-ghost-recon-wildlands/">$19.80 (67% off)</a></li> <li>For Honor [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/for-honor/">$15.00 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Celebrate Green Man Gaming's birthday by checking out the rest of the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/birthday-sale/ubisoft/">Ubisoft games</a> currently on sale.</li> <li>Stellaris [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/stellaris/">$16.00 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Cities: Skylines [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/cities-skylines/">$7.50 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Europa Universalis IV [Steam] - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/europa-universalis-iv/">$10.00 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Celebrate Green Man Gaming's birthday by checking out the rest of the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/pdxcon/">Paradox Interactive games</a> currently on sale.</li> <li>Shadow of the Tomb Raider [Steam] (Pre-Order) - <a href="https://www.greenmangaming.com/games/shadow-of-the-tomb-raider-pc/">$46.79 (22% off)</a></li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/thNMlilxZr8?rel=0" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>Humble Bundle</h3> <p>Subscribe to <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/monthly target=" blank="">Humble Monthly</a> for $12 and receive Destiny 2, with more games added every month. These games normally activate on Steam, but Destiny 2 will activate on the Blizzard App.</p> <p><a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/games/hooked-on-multiplayer-2018-bundle">Pay $1 or more</a> to get Stick Fight: The Game, Rampage Knights, and Tumblestone. Pay more than the average $5.41 to get Besiege, Duck Game, and Hover. Pay $14 or more to also receive Rocket League. These activate on Steam.</p> <p>Or <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/games/wargamez-bundle">pay what you want</a> for Panzer Corps, Panzer Corps: Allied Corps DLC, Mercenary Kings: Reloaded Edition, and Insurgency. Pay more than the average $4.25 to get Day of Infamy: Deluxe Edition, Gloria Victis, and 8-Bit Armies. Pay $10 or more to also receive Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Deluxe Edition. These activate on Steam.</p> <ul> <li>Galactic Civilizations II: Ultimate Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/galactic-civilizations-ii-ultimate-edition">FREE FOR FRIDAY ONLY!</a></li> <li>Call of Duty: WWII [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/call-of-duty-wwii">$38.99 (35% off)</a></li> <li>Prototype Franchise Pack [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/prototype-franchise-pack">$14.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/vampire-the-masquerade-bloodlines">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Activision games, including the rest of the Call of Duty series, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/activision-spring-sale/">Activision Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Assassin's Creed Origins [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/assassins-creed-origins">$35.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>South Park: The Fractured But Whole [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/south-park-the-fractured-but-whole">$29.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Tom Clancy's The Division [UPlay] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/tom-clancys-the-division">$14.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Ubisoft games, including the Tom Clancy series, Far Cry series, Watch Dogs 2, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/ubisoft-spring-sale/">Ubisoft Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Agents of Mayhem [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/agents-of-mayhem">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/saints-row-gat-out-of-hell">$3.74 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Dirt 4 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dirt-4">$17.99 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Deep Silver games, including the Dead Island series, Risen series, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/deep-silver-spring-sale/">Deep Silver Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Sid Meier's Civilization VI [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sid-meiers-civilization-6">$29.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>XCOM 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/xcom-2">$19.79 (67% off)</a></li> <li>Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/borderlands-the-presequel">$11.98 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of 2K games, including the Borderlands series, Mafia games, BioShock games, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/2k-spring-sale/">2K Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Middle-earth: Shadow of War [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/middleearth-shadow-of-war">$35.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Injustice 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/injustice-2">$29.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Bastion [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/bastion">$3.74 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Warner Bros. Interactive games, including the other Batman games, the LEGO series, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/wb-games-spring-sale/">WB Games Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Just Cause 3 XL Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/just-cause-3-xl-edition">$6.74 (55% off)</a></li> <li>Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rise-of-the-tomb-raider-20-year-celebration">$19.79 (67% off)</a></li> <li>Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/life-is-strange-before-the-storm-deluxe-edition">$14.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Square Enix games, including the Deux Ex series, the vintage Tomb Raider games, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/square-enix-spring-sale/">Square Enix Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Cities: Skylines [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/cities-skylines">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Stellaris [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/stellaris">$15.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Pillars of Eternity: Definitive Edition [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/pillars-of-eternity-definitive-edition">$29.99 (25% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Paradox Interactive games, including the Cities: Skylines and Stellaris DLCs, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/paradox-interactive-spring-sale/">Paradox Interactive Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Dark Souls III [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/dark-souls-iii">$14.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Tekken 7 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/tekken-7">$24.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Project CARS 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/project-cars-2">$29.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Bandai Namco games, including Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, the other Dark Souls games, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/bandai-namco-spring-sale/">Bandai Namco Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Blood Bowl 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/blood-bowl-2">$7.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Space Hulk: Deathwing [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/spacehulk-deathwing">$16.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Styx: Shards of Darkness [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/styx-shards-of-darkness">$13.59 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Focus Home Interactive games, including Contrast, the Sherlock Holmes games, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/focus-home-interactive-spring-sale/">Focus Home Interactive Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Enter the Gungeon [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/enter-the-gungeon">$7.49 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Shadow Warrior 2 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/shadow-warrior-2">$19.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>The Talos Principle [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/the-talos-principle">$7.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Devolver Digital games, including Hotline Miami 2, Ruiner, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/devolver-digital-spring-sale/">Devolver Digital Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Sniper Elite 4 [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/sniper-elite-4">$20.39 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Zombie Army Trilogy [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/zombie-army-trilogy">$13.49 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/woolfe-the-red-hood-diaries">$2.99 (70% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Rebellion games, including the other Sniper Elite games, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/rebellion-interactive-spring-sale/">Rebellion Interactive Spring Sale</a>.</li> <li>Overcooked [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/overcooked">$5.77 (66% off)</a></li> <li>Yooka-Laylee [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/yooka-laylee">$19.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Aven Colony [Steam] - <a href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/aven-colony">$17.99 (40% off)</a></li> <li>Check out the full list of Team 17 games, including the Worms series, Escapists series, and more, in the Humble Store's <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/team-17-spring-sale/">Team 17 Spring Sale</a>.</li> </ul> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/GCwNnnUIQ60?rel=0" frameborder="0" gesture="media" allow="encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <h3>Origin</h3> <ul> <li>Peggle - <a href="https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/peggle/peggle/standard-edition">Free!</a></li> <li>Battlefield 1 Revolution - <a href="https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-1/revolution-edition">$19.99 (67% off)</a></li> <li>Battlefield 1 Premium Pass - <a href="https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-1/addon/battlefield-1-premium-pass">$12.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Battlefield 1 Revolution + Titanfall 2 Ultimate Edition - <a href="https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/origin/battlefield-1-titanfall-2-ultimate-bundle/ultimate-edition">$39.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Battlefield Anniversary Bundle - <a href="https://www.origin.com/usa/en-us/store/battlefield/battlefield-anniversary-bundle/anniversary-bundle">$49.99 (50% off)</a></li> </ul> <h3>Ubisoft Store</h3> <ul> <li>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - <a href="https://store.ubi.com/us/tom-clancys-rainbow-six-siege/56c494ad88a7e300458b4d5a.html">$19.99 (50% off)</a> (FREE WEEKEND until Sunday 5/20; Starter, Gold, Advanced and Complete Editions also on sale)</li> </ul> <h3>Steam</h3> <p>As well as regular discounts, Steam has a couple of additional weekend deals.</p> <ul> <li>Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - 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Check out everything in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://store.steampowered.com/sale/neptunia-franchise/">Steam Neptunia Sale</a>.</li> <li>Stellaris - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/281990/Stellaris">$15.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Hearts of Iron IV - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/394360/Hearts_of_Iron_IV">$15.99 (60% off)</a></li> <li>Age of Wonders III - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/226840/Age_of_Wonders_III">$7.49 (75% off)</a></li> <li>It's PDXCON weekend! Steam is celebrating with the best Paradox Interactive games on sale right now, so check out everything in the <a style="text-decoration: underline;" 5e98a5="" onmouseover="this.style.color='black';" onmouseout="this.style.color='#5e98a5'" href="https://store.steampowered.com/sale/pdxcon/">Steam PDXCON 2018 Sale</a>.</li> <li>Euro Truck Simulator 2 - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/227300/Euro_Truck_Simulator_2">$4.99 (75% off)</a></li> <li>Reus - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/222730/Reus">$1.49 (85% off)</a></li> <li>Sid Meier's Civilization VI - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/289070/Sid_Meiers_Civilization_VI">$29.99 (50% off)</a></li> <li>Laser League - <a href="https://store.steampowered.com/app/570460/Laser_League">$8.99 (40% off)</a></li> </ul> Fri, 18 May 2018 13:00:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia Call of Duty: Black Ops 4: All Guns and Attachments http://www.shacknews.com/article/105011/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-all-guns-and-attachments http://www.shacknews.com/article/105011/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-all-guns-and-attachments <p>Activision pulled back the curtains on developer Treyarch&rsquo;s latest entry into the popular Black Ops spinoff series in the Call of Duty franchise during a&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104962/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-live-stream-reveal-time-and-date" target="_blank">preview event in Los Angeles</a> yesterday. While the franchise rose to the top of the video game mountain on the back of Infinity Ward, Treyarch&rsquo;s entries into the series have steadily gained popularity and acclaim to the point where they are now considered the Call of Duty &ldquo;A-Team&rdquo;. Black Ops 4 plans to be the biggest and baddest entry in series history thanks to the addition of&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104982/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-introduces-hero-shooter-style-specialists-for-pvp" target="_blank">all new mechanics</a> and a fresh lineup of hand tuned weapons and attachments.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ZYK9kYZiy1U" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>As you&rsquo;ve come to expect, Shacknews had a street team of its top boys at the Black Ops 4 preview event. They all got first-hand looks at the game in action and Shacknews editor (and world&rsquo;s best kisser) Ozzie Mejia took the time to write up his <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105000/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-hands-on-preview-back-to-basics" target="_blank">impressions of everything that Black Ops is bringing to the table in 2018</a>.</p> <p>Black Ops 4 will be touching down October 12 for the Xbox One, PS4, and PC. PC players should take note that Black Ops 4 will be&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104996/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-dumps-steam-joins-overwatch-on-battlenet" target="_blank">arriving via Blizzard&rsquo;s Battle.net launcher rather than Steam</a> this year.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 12:15:00 PDT Chris Jarrard Kingdom Hearts 3: Titan Boss Fight Gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105010/kingdom-hearts-3-titan-boss-fight-gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105010/kingdom-hearts-3-titan-boss-fight-gameplay <p>The curtain is being lifted on a Kingdom Hearts 3 press preview event and we've got some gameplay footage for your indulgence. Shacknews Senior Editor Ozzie gets hands-on for the long-awaited&nbsp;game and takes on a titan in this boss fight video.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/B-Uql-dO1tA"></iframe></p> <p><span>Shacknews attended the press preview event hosted by Disney and Square Enix. They were able to capture loads of new exclusive gameplay footage, including a lengthy clip that takes place in the <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/105008/kingdom-hearts-3-nearly-20-minutes-of-toy-story-gameplay" target="_blank">famous Toy Story bedroom</a>. Shacknews Senior Editor Ozzie also wrote up a&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104999/kingdom-hearts-3-hands-on-preview-digging-through-the-old-toy-chest" target="_blank">full Kingdom Hearts 3 preview</a> from hands-on time with the game.</span></p> Fri, 18 May 2018 11:55:00 PDT Charles Singletary The Crew 2: Exclusive Xbox One X Open World Gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105009/the-crew-2-exclusive-xbox-one-x-open-world-gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105009/the-crew-2-exclusive-xbox-one-x-open-world-gameplay <p>Ubisoft released The Crew into the world back during a busy holiday 2014 that also featured the company&rsquo;s other big hitters Far Cry 4 and Assassin&rsquo;s Creed: Black Flag. It was the publishers only new IP release of that holiday season and set out to capture the hearts of arcade racing fans. While it did some things very well (the impressively large map and progression), many parts of the experience fell short of the goals set by the developer. This summer, Ubisoft takes another try at open world racing with The Crew 2.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/k8RFzkhK1sQ" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Shacknews editor Blake Morse got a chance to go hands-on with the game at a recent preview event. He was able to snag some exclusive footage captured from the Xbox One X-enhanced version of the game running at 4K. Additionally, he wrote up&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104951/the-crew-2-hands-on-preview-hitting-the-road" target="_blank">a great article</a> on what he saw and got to play at the event, while explaining what Ubisoft has gotten right with the newest iteration of The Crew.</p> <p>You can get behind the wheel when The Crew 2&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/103815/the-crew-2-gets-a-june-release-date-collectors-edition-and-beta" target="_blank">launches on Xbox One, PS4, and PC</a> on June 28, 2018.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 11:40:00 PDT Chris Jarrard Kingdom Hearts 3: Nearly 20 Minutes of Toy Story Gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105008/kingdom-hearts-3-nearly-20-minutes-of-toy-story-gameplay http://www.shacknews.com/article/105008/kingdom-hearts-3-nearly-20-minutes-of-toy-story-gameplay <p>The Kingdom Hearts series has been one of the most popular in all of video gaming since it first debut on the Playstation 2 more than 15 years ago. After nearly 15 total releases in the history of the franchise, developer Square Enix is preparing the biggest adventure yet for Sona and friends in <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/103294/kingdom-hearts-3-the-5-key-takeaways-from-the-d23-expo-japan-trailer" target="_blank">Kingdom Hearts </a>3.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/ps6AXjw1Er4" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Disney and Square Enix recently held a press preview event for the game and Shacknews sent a team of its top boys to cover the event. They were able to capture loads of new exclusive gameplay footage that takes place in the famous Toy Story bedroom. You are able to get a nice glance at the combat and the strikingly good visual presentation that Square Enix has in store for longtime fans of the series.</p> <p>For more information on what our team saw at the Kingdom Hearts preview event, check out this&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104999/kingdom-hearts-3-hands-on-preview-digging-through-the-old-toy-chest" target="_blank">in-depth preview</a> from Shacknews editor Ozzie Mejia.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 11:25:00 PDT Chris Jarrard Fortnite Mobile Custom HUDs Now Available, Android Version Coming This Summer http://www.shacknews.com/article/105007/fortnite-mobile-custom-huds-now-available-android-version-coming-this-summer http://www.shacknews.com/article/105007/fortnite-mobile-custom-huds-now-available-android-version-coming-this-summer <p>In a mobile-focused update, Epic Games shares a light roadmap for&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/103931/fortnite-mobile-compared-to-console-in-iphone-vs-xbox-one-x-video" target="_blank">Fortnite Mobile</a> including the release window for Fortnite on Android devices. "We are targeting this summer for the release," the team says. "We know many of you are excited <g class="gr_ gr_60 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar multiReplace" id="60" data-gr-id="60">for</g> this release, and we promise that when we have more information to share, you&rsquo;ll hear it from us first."</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/mRnx9CeYP8g"></iframe></p> <p>In the<a href="https://www.epicgames.com/fortnite/en-US/news/state-of-mobile" target="_blank"> blog post</a> from the Fortnite Mobile team, a few specific features and mechanics were tackled:</p> <ul> <li>New customizable HUD (now available)</li> <li>Voice chat (incoming) with mute options</li> <li>Optimizing gameplay and controls (incoming)</li> <li>Performance updates and stability (incoming)</li> </ul> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/fortnite-mobile-android-summer-release-date-window-customizable-hud-update-re3.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" style="undefined" /></div> <p>Stat tracking, something heavily requested by the community is in the works as well. Summer is the target for this feature, but that could change. The Fortnite mobile installation size is also being addressed:</p> <blockquote>"We are aware of the large installation size of Fortnite on mobile and are working to reduce that size. Over the next few updates we&rsquo;ll be compressing the size down while maintaining performance. We&rsquo;ll be making overall patch sizes smaller and adding the ability to download the content in the background!"</blockquote> <p>Fornite mobile is available&nbsp;<a href="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/fortnite/id1261357853?mt=8" target="_blank">now on iOS</a>&nbsp;and Android users can expect&nbsp;to get some mobile battle royale action this sometime this summer. Stay tuned to Shacknews for more updates.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 10:35:00 PDT Charles Singletary Valve Reaffirms VR Focus, Teases Top-Secret Games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105006/valve-reaffirms-vr-focus-teases-top-secret-games http://www.shacknews.com/article/105006/valve-reaffirms-vr-focus-teases-top-secret-games <p>Valve has redesigned its website and with that comes a reinvigorated focus on games and hardware. Part of these new focal points is the role of VR in Valve's future and a reminder that the company is working on three "top secret" games.&nbsp;<a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/98635/gabe-newell-says-valve-is-designing-our-own-vr-games-internally" target="_blank">Gabe Newell revealed Valve was working on VR games internally</a> back in January and that work continues.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="394" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/0H67ve5eKhc"></iframe></p> <p><a href="https://www.roadtovr.com/valves-new-site-affirms-role-of-vr-in-companys-future-teases-top-secret-games/" target="_blank"><g class="gr_ gr_623 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Grammar only-ins doubleReplace replaceWithoutSep" id="623" data-gr-id="623">Road</g> to VR</a>&nbsp;covered the site's redesign, noting VR's prominence on the site and in a video montage of the company's projects that plays in the background. Open positions are on the site's landing page, as well, and VR research and development are among them.</p> <p>On another end of the VR development spectrum, Valve has now opened an opportunity for custom VR controller bindings via SteamVR. Via the&nbsp;<a href="https://www.pcgamer.com/valve-now-lets-you-map-your-own-custom-controller-bindings-in-steamvr/" target="_blank">PC Gamer</a> report, the new input system scratches the limitations of the default VR control schemes.</p> <p>"This new input system also allows developers to adapt their games more easily to diverse controllers. Developers control the default bindings for each controller <g class="gr_ gr_483 gr-alert gr_gramm gr_inline_cards gr_run_anim Punctuation only-del replaceWithoutSep" id="483" data-gr-id="483">type,</g> and can offer alternate control schemes directly without the need to change the games themselves," Valve explains.</p> <p>Valve was recently in the news cycle for another exciting reason, <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104505/valve-buys-independent-game-studio-campo-santo-creator-of-breakout-hit-firewatch" target="_blank">announcing the purchase of indie developer Campo Santo</a>. That team is responsible for the breakout hit Firewatch and is working on the upcoming In The Valley of the Gods.</p> <p>Stay tuned to Shacknews for Valve and VR updates!</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 10:20:00 PDT Charles Singletary Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Hands-On Preview: Back to Basics http://www.shacknews.com/article/105000/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-hands-on-preview-back-to-basics http://www.shacknews.com/article/105000/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-hands-on-preview-back-to-basics <p>While Call of Duty has been a staple of gaming for over a decade, the Black Ops series has proven so popular that it's nearly become a brand in itself. Treyarch has put together a solid reputation over its past several iterations of Activision's long-running franchise, but something about Black Ops 4 felt both contemporary and refreshingly familiar.</p> <p>Shacknews had a chance to try out the Black Ops 4 multiplayer on Thursday and walked away with a few observations. The first of which is that this feels a lot like classic Call of Duty.</p> <div class="articleImage full" style="width: 700px;"><img src="https://s3-us-west-1.amazonaws.com/shacknews/assets/editorial/2018/05/Call_of_Duty_Black_Ops_4_multiplayer_Ajax_01-WM.jpg" alt="" width="700" height="394" /></div> <p>The first thing to note is that movement has returned to a sense of normalcy. While Black Ops III prided itself on frenetic movement, Black Ops 4 takes a step back by removing thrust jumping and wall running. There's still unlimited sprint to offer a sense of speed and locomotion, but removing a lot of the verticality makes multiplayer feel more reliant on close quarters action and on teamwork.</p> <p>Specialists are back from Black Ops III, both new and old. Utilizing some of their abilities might be the one instance where wall running and thrust jumping were missed, because crazy jumping/wall running combos into a Specialist's special ability was one of the most fun elements of Black Ops III. That isn't to say that Specialists don't have their uses in Black Ops 4, because their abilities not only work to great benefit in this game, but also appear more acclimiated to team play. For example, there's Crash, one of Call of Duty's first dedicated medics, who can heal teammates or boost their health, while Recon can use his Vision Pulse to reveal foes on the minimap.</p> <p>One other item to note is that <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104981/call-of-duty-black-ops-4-will-no-longer-let-you-heal-automatically">automatic healing is out the window</a>. Players must manually heal using stimpacks that are tied to the left shoulder button. This is one of the more welcome changes to the CoD formula, particularly for snipers that are playing from afar. There were several instances where I was firing from long distance. If I was discovered from afar and plunked in the chest, I could back off to safety and heal myself. Players are encouraged to think strategically about where and when they opt to heal, since these periods are one of the few instances where a player is completely defenseless.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/F798TJDWj4s?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>Only four game modes were shown off on Thursday, three of them returning from classic Call of Duty games. Team Deathmatch, Domination, and Hardpoint are all back and just as frantic as ever. The newest game mode is Control, in which two teams battle in a best of five rounds to capture a pair of control points. Each team only has a limited number of lives, making it possible to win by simply outlasting the other squad. Each team is also given an extra push by the fact that an unsuccessful point capture does not reset the progress meter, making it more critical to contest the point. While I could appreciate the thought behind Control, it's definitely not for CoD novices, as they could quickly become liabilities by gobbling up the finite number of lives available. On top of that, this game mode lasted much longer than the others and has the potential to drag on. The best of five formula may prove to be too much in this instance.</p> <p>Many other elements of Black Ops 4's multiplayer will feel familiar to series veterans. The Pick 10 system returns, allowing players to stack up on attachments or perks. Maps are appropriately labyrinthine, with some featuring underwater areas. Others feature central combat zones, like a dilapidated church in the middle of the Seaside map. And of course, there are the multitude of Scorestreak perks, like the attack chopper and the Hellstorm missile. There's nothing drastically different here and series fans should feel right at home.</p> <p><iframe width="700" height="349" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/SUZtswJUvlk?rel=0" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen="allowfullscreen"></iframe></p> <p>There's much more to Black Ops 4, but Activision and Treyarch weren't quite ready to show off the game's <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104983/melee-weapons-new-mechanics-introduced-in-overhauled-cod-black-ops-4-zombie-mode">Zombies</a> mode or <a href="http://www.shacknews.com/article/104985/call-of-duty-introduces-blackout-new-battle-royale-survival-mode">Blackout</a>, the series' first stab at a Battle Royale mode. More information on those modes are more than likely coming soon.</p> <p>Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is set to release on October 12 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.</p> Fri, 18 May 2018 10:00:00 PDT Ozzie Mejia
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